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2016 Versa Radio Display Working Intermittently

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I just purchased a 2016 Nissan Versa a few days ago. I didn't notice till I was driving it home that I could not see the radio display at all. I called the dealer and of course they said this hadn't been noticed during the inspection. I was without a car and in a big rush to buy one, so looking at the radio didn't even cross my mind. I was so dumb that I didn't even realize the car didn't have bluetooth, not super proud of myself there. My previous 2013 Focus had it, and I stupidly assumed the 2016 Versa would....but I digress.

So the following morning I get in my car and the display is working just fine. The numbers and letters are orange and clear. I'm thinking that is weird but glad it is working, run my kid to school and go home. Come back out a couple hours later and can just barely see anything and that is only if I put my hands around it and get up close. Again, this is so weird. For the few days that I have had it, I've found it always works right away in the morning and then fades away.

Last night we were in it on a long trip. During the day once again display was basically impossible to see, it was unusable. I noticed as we were driving around 8 or so last night that the screen was starting to light up. The background and numbers were orange and after awhile they got quite bright.

This morning I got in the car and display background was black, numbers were orange and crisp. After about 15 minutes numbers started to fade. I am going to include pictures. This is super bizarre and annoying. Since I was a moron and bought a car without bluetooth, I really need to see the radio display to see what I have going on with my phone being plugged into aux and usb. It isn't the end of the world, but it is strange and annoying. I'm assuming it has some kind of loose connection somewhere?

Has this happened to anyone else? I've watched some videos but they didn't have the exact radio or problem mine did. I'm a single woman who sucks and fixing things so not sure I would be able to fix it myself. I'm also broke and cannot afford to have someone do it so there is that. Just looking to see if you guys have any thoughts on this. Thanks! b*First pic is when it looks great right away this morning. Second pic is shortly after. Last pic is last night when it lit up after hours of being black and so faded you couldn't make out what it said even if you cupped your hands around it and got up close.
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I also have a 2016 Nissan versa and the same exact problem did you ever find any help or a solution?
New radio time, those displays do that when they go bad and part of the radio proper.
Just bought my 2016 versa sedan two weeks ago. It started doing this couple of days ago. Just went blank. I turned the car off and turned it on and it came back on. But today it went off and has not come back no matter how many times I've turned my car on and off. Otherwise I love my little car, but I've got to get this taken care of.
Which model of Versa does everyone have that's doing this? I have the base model and I've not had this problem. I owned a 2012 and now a 2019. Both were the base model S and not the SV or SR.
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