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Hi all, we have owned this car since new- Upgraded from a 2011 Murano (as we were happy)
BUT this car has not been so reliable, if not for factory recalls to rattles in the interior
in Sept with 25,000 km (15,500 miles)- started to run rough, came up with a P0303 code
Turned out to be a cracked spark plug- but not under warranty and cost $ 620.00 from the dealer- just to change the plug and two gaskets
when we got her home i checked the oil( had 4,000 km on it) it was black and a quart down
so I changed it and the filter
most likely burning oil before the plug failed, as the moment the plug failed we when straight to the shop
now we are at about 1,000 Km(600 miles)- the oil is 1/2 a quart down, the exhaust is black
She is burning oil
any thoughts on what could be wrong before I put her up for sale
another user stated it could be PCV - how probable could this be
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