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I have 2018 Nissan pathfinder. I bought this car with salvage title and now i'm having issues with the cruise control. I have my forward emergency braking light on and that result to unable the cruise control. I have replaced the front sensor with a used one but that didn't help at all. They told me it needs to be re calibrated by the dealership. So, i took it to the dealer and here the story becomes more interesting. They told me the car frame is not perfectly straight and the sensor bracket is bent and the sensor is aftermarket. That's doesn't make sense because no one sells those sensor aftermarket. I checked the bracket and looks just fine and fits perfect on the car. Ok the frame might not be perfect but the whole point of the bracket is to adjust the sensor at a specific point to detect the car in front of me. If it's based on the car frame why the bracket is adjustable? I checked the sensor connector for power and it looks fine. I scanned the computer but there is no codes. Now, I'm not sure what to do with it. I need that light to be turned off and the cruise control to work. Please HELP ME. I'm located in Portland, OR and if anyone knows a good Nissan technician that would be great. Thank you
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