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We have a 2018 Pathfinder, had hitch installed at Uhaul and put on wiring harness ourselves. Everything worked fine earlier this summer when towing a cargo trailer and boat trailer. Decided to buy our own cargo trailer yesterday, picked it up and the running lights work but not the blinkers or brake lights... All lights on tow vehicle do work.

We took it to a local hitch installation place. They took three hours to go through the entire wiring harness (including swapping it out for a new one to see if ours went bad), checked and changed all fuses, relays, grounds, etc, to no avail. Their guess was a black box under the storage area up against the bumper on the drivers side where some of the wires led, but when we called Nissan that’s actually a Control Assay-Torque Split that has nothing to do with lights. They are baffled at why it’s not working and so are we.

Has anyone had an issue like this? Is there a hidden fuse we don’t know about? Could we have shorted something else outside of the wiring harness??

Would be so thankful for ANY HELP or insight! We just don’t know where to go from here.
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