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Should Nissan fix this issue? or should it be a recall?

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2018 Sentra DTRL not working. Harness that is attached to the recall switch has been corroded. 1000$ diagnosis. 1800$ fix. Not happy.

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Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issues. Have a 2018 Sentra with the daytime running lights not working. the interior dash light comes on and indicates the lights are working, front headlights work, rear lights do not work at night time. Checked all the fuze panels, brought to 2 different mechanics. Nissan has a monopoly on the wiring diagrams. Nissan wont release the wiring diagrams to other mechanics or the public so they are able to charge you an arm and a leg. 1000$ to diagnose the wiring problem. It is apparently the harness that comes off the brake switch that has corroded. likely a cause of the recall but not the actual recall so they wont fix it. They want 1800$ to install a new harness. I think this is a safety issue...obviously is the dealership manager wouldnt even comment on that. I called Nissan head office, they agreed it was a safety issue, but still wouldnt do anything for me, as it isnt a recall. Also stating that things like accidents and lawsuits need to happen for recalls to get initiated. I got abit frustrated with that conversation and said alright when I get rear ended at night il see ya in court for damages. If me or my family even survive. Last Nissan I will ever buy.
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Why would you put the lives of you and your family at risk by driving with no taillights?

Illegal in all 50 states an Canada.
Report vehicle safety defects to...

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