If you Google teyes android headunit. It brings you to their website and will give you any information you need. I took some pics and a video before I uninstalled it. But it has CarPlay and android auto. It plays YouTube, prime video, HBO max, showtime, fox nation and a few other streaming services. It also has teyes free internet radio which is location based. So you can listen to what’s on the radio in Russia, England, Australia and obviously USA and so on and so on. It plays FM AND AM if that’s your thing still. The headunit legit does EVERYTHING. It’s a tablet on your dashboard Best part is it looks totally stock. I prefer having it picked up but will ship. I will only use PayPal. Don’t even ask for friends and family because you’re not that. Also i will charge 10 bucks for standard usps shipping with tracking number. Message me or comment. I’ll upload them to YouTube and share the link. So give that an hour or so to upload and get approved by YouTube