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Howdy folks! I'm a new 2020 Rogue owner and a few nights ago I went with a couple of friends to a drive-in theatre event. I was unsure of what position to put the key in so the radio would play BUT the battery wouldn't run down. When I'd talked to the service dept at my dealership they told me to keep it in position 2. What concerned me was that the dash lights were still on and that I'd run down the battery anyway. I turned the key back to the off position and that kept the radio on but it would shut itself off after about 10 mins.

So I guess my question would be is it safe to keep the key in position 2 with the dash lights on or do I keep switching it every 10 mins between 2 and Off to reset the stereo timer?

Many thanks! And I do LOVE my Rogue, nicest vehicle I've owned so far!

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