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VTEC wont save you....
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I was driving to work tonight and had to start taking the access roads due to construction being performed on I-35 highway.I was sitting at the light bumping some Beanie Mack,when a red 240sx (1990 bodystyle) pulls up next to me.The dude driving glanced over and I didnt really look back over at him.He looked totally stock.

Anyway the light turns green and I must admit I didnt think he was goign to run me.But after I heard him chirp from the start I knew it was on.I hit second and started to pull back on him.He must have hit third and he started pulling a lil and by the time I hit third we were about to hit the next I am pissed.

We get to the next light and this time he looks over and smiles.I am just waiting for the light to turn green so I can hand him his ass.This time I am ready for him.....or so I thought.Light turns green and I get the slight jump on him through 1st,I go to second and he starts pulling hard....I run second till almost 5900 rpms and go to third,and this dude is already a half car length ahead.i shut down in third at about 67mph cause it was over....he had at least a full carlength.It was pititful....really.

I know 240 are RWD and probably geared different,and I didnt hear any turbo spooling so a DET swap is out of reason.What the HELL did this dude do to be so quick with a KA powered vehicle.I have ran against many 240sx before and smacked them down.WTF did this dude have that made HIS 240 that quick???Comments..

EDIT: RICK,I guess I didnt have to go to the track to get humbled:D;)
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