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Whats up folks,

A good friend of mine just bought a 95' Talon Turbo AWD 5spd. He's had it for like less then a month. Last night I was driving my buddy home and he was going home (they're neighbors) I was chatting to him and I was like you wanna run. He's like for sure.
We went out to a long highway, but it was riddled with cops. So we went into an industrial park. Long long straightaways.
We lined up twice here:
Race 1: With 5 Spectators on break from a shipping business. Eachone was yelling their own opinions on who was gonna take it.
We went on three honks from a stop (me honking)
I jump off the line and maintain a lead that grows to 4 cars by

Race 2:
Three honks from a stop, (him honking)
He gets a huge jump, (droped it higher), His shift from 2nd-3rd was slow and I started pulling on him, by 140 I was 2 cars ahead.

Race 3:
Highway, 60 Km/h Roll.
I put the pull on him right away, and listen to the sound of his
spooling turbo falls slowly into the distance.

Race 4:
Stoplight 2 Lane, 4 3km stretch. (Straight as hell)
We take a break and let his turbo cool down, get chatting chill
out. He's apperently droping a 1000 bucks into the car. Boost
controller and intake exhaust or some setup along those lines.
Light turns, I'm torqued braked to 2300rpms. He gets a slight
chirp out of his tires and were off, he beat me in the 60 foot
(Estimate) By about a car, At the 8th of a mile I'm 1 1/2 cars
ahead. By 100 Mph, Im 5-6 Cars ahead.

He takes me for a rip and its a damn fun car. So nice. He got a wicked deal on it 6000 CDN and it has 40,000 kms' on it. In immacualte condition. When he drops his money in it, I'm gonna be playing catchup, from the line. He has had the car at teh track already, is running 14.90 All day long. So that coincides with my 14.63. And the legnths I put on him.

It was fun and hes a good sport.

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very nice races. ahaha after i've seen what talons can do at the tracks im scared of them.

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Seeing as it's a 95, it's probably been beat to shit. Let him have some time with it, and rework that baby, and like you said, the results will be quite different.
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