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Hi all,

So I recently pulled the engine out of my 3.5SE and tore it down to the block, honed it, etc. I'm cleaning up the cylinder heads and changing out valve stem seals.

Anyway, I removed all the valves, springs, and shims and kept them all in the correct order. I flipped the head over and all the spring seats fell out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the seats are all the same thickness and it's the lifters that are different sizes to correct valve clearance.

Anyone know for sure? Pic below for reference.

Valve lifter (which ARE different sizes):

Vavle spring seat (which I'm not sure about):

Concept Z Performance who sells all 350Z parts has it listed by itself with no sizes, whereas the lifters have different sizes, i.e. 8.22mm, 8.24mm, etc.
Valve spring seat
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