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Hey all, I'm TunaTrky. I'm an active gear head who enjoys long walks on the beach because I threw a rod.

I come from the 1st gen Durango platform which I'm still building, but I bought a 97 Nissan Altima as a DD while Durango gets extensive funmods.

Now I'm interested in this Altima as more than a DD, I don't know any nissan platforms. I've built Chevy, Ford and Dodge V8's, 4G63T's, 4G64's, 420A's, B16's, D16Y7's, ZC blocks, etc etc etc. I'm a Dodge and DSM fanatic [Next build will be a 4G63T platform]. I've done many rebuilds, cheap ring&hones, troubleshooting, swaps, electrical, plumbing etc. I have no high-horsepower projects in the past other than eclipse GSX's that were slightly over stock.

Anyway, I'll be trolling around and learning from you all :) I really like the setup of the Altima more than I thought. Too bad it locks up the wheels dropping it into 1st gear, only 3rd works ha! Transmission swap is the first on to-do list.

I'm wondering what trannys were shared with this Altima as I can't find a single parts Altima on craigslist [weird]

She seems pretty clean for $500, eh? Even has brand new tires, well kept, 3rd owner. 140k.

Honestly my plan is 5 speed swap, gut it, lower it, header&catback it and see how long it lasts.

I read that the k24DE [A] platform is SPECIFIC to Altima's... The 240sx etc is same block but different platform [intake, TB, exhaust all different for RWD]. Havin' a hard time finding much about the k24dea thus far.

Not sure what auto or manual transmission code is. Seems K24 has a timing chain.

Anyway, i'll be contributing and hangin' round! Thanks for having me.

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