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We all know about the issues with our transmissions but I found something while working on my Altima that I need some opinions on.

I tore out my entire interior to do some finishing touches on my audio setup, including the carpet. To do this I had to remove the shifter assembly from the floor, now when I was trying to put it back in I noticed something that sent off a what the heck warning inside my head.

The shifter assembly is attached to the floor by 4 bolts and it has a set of linkage going to the transmission to change gears. The black lines (linkage) wouldn't allow me to lineup the shifter assembly correctly when I was trying to reinstall it. Without putting any force on the linkage the assembly was about an inch and a half behind the normal mounting bolts. Now when I pushed it forward so I could secure the assembly to the floor there was a good deal of tension put on the linkage.

Is this a design flaw? Is this how it should be? I would imagine you wouldn't want any tension on the black lines as there would be another force on the lines as you shift through gears and would increase the amount of work you would have to put into each shift. I have pictures but I don't have any way of uploading them once my camera accessories are back in Orlando, damn hurricane! ::shakes fist::
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