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I recently discovered that the hose coming out of the underside of my evap canister was hanging, sheared due to age/deterioration/vibration. The other end of the hose seems to go into the frame as best I can tell. No idea how to get down into there do anything about it (I am a bit old and crotchety and can't wiggle myself into tight spaces like I used to).

In a comment in this forum, I believe this same hose was mentioned but its destination was not confirmed.

Can anyone tell me where that hose goes? My engine sounds fine and I'm not getting any sort of vacuum pressure Check Engine errors or anything like that.

I found a forum thread discussing similar canisters which happened to link a diagram for the evap system for a 95-98 altima (Figure 3 on this page). It looks to me as if this is just an air intake?! But then why is there a hose on mine?

I am concerned about this because I need to smog my car soon, and if this is an important line that is necessary for my evap system, that would be good to know! (And if it's not critical because it's just there to draw in cool air from outside the engine compartment (guessing) then that would be a great relief to know, too!)

Can anyone advise me on this?
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