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95 shaking (please help did a search no help)

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i have a 95 that have 80+ miles about a month ago i changed my clutch after that i notice a vibration on the car when i went back to the mecanic he told me that a have a bad motor mount so i went and change the motor mount my self. it help but it still shakes (vibrates. is so bad that the driver door vibrates.) so i went to another mecanic he check the injector and there are good after a while he told me that the intake manifold gasket was leaking so i changed that and the car still shake(vibrates)i went back to the guy and he said that he can't find no problem . but the car still shake

can someone please tell me what may be the cause of this vibration
my idle is 600 to750 the vibration start 750up to 1500 rpm
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My car kinda shakes between those RPM ranges too, makes things rattle inside the car. Every other RPM is fine.
i had the same problem of shaking in idle and i went and got the motor mount changed and it did the trick for me this was aal it took. did you replace all motor mounts maybe another is cracked.:( :confused:
TBT, what skool do you go to by any chance?
i dunno maybe tbt wus up this is josh:flipbird: :sex:
my altima shakes a bunch when i'm at a stop light or something....ya' know I'm in drive, but stopped. the idle seems fine, but it shakes like hell, and only when i'm iin drive, 1, or 2 ...not neutral, reverse, or park :angry4: :angry4:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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