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97 altima wiring relay

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I am looking for a wiring diagram.

This is because I shorted the battery wire for the stereo to ground blowing the fuse and who knows what else. The symptoms are an non-working power antenna, dome light, stereo and ignition switch chime. If anyone knows which relay or has a wiring diagram they could get to me, I would much appreciate it.


Mark Stauffer
97 Altima GXE
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Go to our FAQ section. There is an online manual from CHilton.
chilton manual down :(

Thanks for the hint... too bad I would imagine the site ran into some copyright issues with chiltons lawyers....

check for yourself at

Please, I still need help on this one!


Mark Stauffer:mad:
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Lights Out

May be Time Control Unit. Located to the right (lower) of str wheel/ Ign switch. Approx 4"x4"x1" box. Good Luck
still having problem

I'm still aching for help, I was looking for something in the dark with no interior light... Anyone have a wiring diagram or something?

I will try scan one from my haynes manual this weekend for ya.
Just a thought, the library might have a manual maybe??????

Scaning the wiring diagram would be great! I will be checking the library this evening, thanks for thinking of it... I should of!

-Mark Stauffer
I haven't forgot about you. I did not get around to scanning the diagram last weekend. My manual is at my parents house, which I will be at later this week so plan on getting it around this Saturday.
Word of advice, with every car I have owned, I've purchased a haynes manual from autozone. They offer a tremendous amount of help and cost about $30.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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