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not sure if anyone would be interested or not. I need to sell my altima GXE once the 'rex gets here.
PW/PL/AC/AT/leather/CD/PM alarm, remote start, 46k miles, good shape, has a cracked windshield and a door ding in the rear driver's side door, otherwise it's ok.
super reliable daily driver. 1 owner car. I'm thinking I can get 7500 out of it

I've had it 5 years the 13th of march, and it has been to the mechanic ONE time, because nissan didn't get the upper radiator hose attached correctly and it leaked. I've done all the maint. myself as per the OM, it's always had mobil 1 from about 5k on

has a set of 15" enkei RSF-2's and the stock steelies with hubcaps I use for winter.
it's really dirty now because of winter, but I can scrounge up some pics, PM or email me
the car is basically stock.

I'm open to offers. We can work out shipping or delivery if need be.
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