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Recently on my way home the temp gauge suddenly maxed out. When i pulled over and checked, it wasnt overheating. Towed it home to be safe and replaced the thermostat and the coolant temp sensor off the upper rad hose intake and flushed the coolant. It still was pegging hot, and when i turn on the heater blower, the temp gauge shoots up to max, when i use the electric windows it shoots up to hot. When i release the window switch the temp drops back to normal, as well as when i shut the heater off. I also noticed the dashlights, headlights and interior cab lights dim when i roll up the windows.
Anyone have any suggestions as to where i look next?
99 Pahtfinder LE 3.3 143k miles, no major repairs (unless the knock sensor is major). New water pump, new hoses, and several other DIY repairs have been done
Thx for your help in saving my pathy
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