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Hey guys, new to the site. So I have a couple questions. I've been doing some research on how to properly adjust coilovers to get the performance I'm looking for. I have Megan Racing coilovers for a 2006 Altima SE-R. I got them used from a friend who installed them for me. Since then, the only thing I've played with was the 32-way dampening setting. But as you all can understand, I want to get a little deeper with the settings (spring rate, preload, etc) as I want to lower the front about 1/4in. Just so you know, I want a ride that's not to far from comfortable but great for spirited street driving when I want to have some fun. So...

1) How can I make sure I have the proper preload/spring rate already dialed in?

2) Should the front be stiffer than the back or vice versa?

3) Do I have to drop the entire strut to adjust or can I adjust with assembly attached to the car?

I'm new to the suspension stuff... Thanks guys!
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