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I know the amp fuse is not fried because i put back my bose head unit and it still works.

I got a bit of an issue here:
I bought an aftermarket android unit from seicane that had 8 speaker wires in the power harness going to the factory power harness. The issue is that the factory power harness only has 8 wires plus the amp on. I am trying to get sound out of the factory bose but nothing is coming out
What I did:
  • Cut the 8 wires from the android harness and connect it to the input on the line out converter
  • Plugged in the 70-7554 harness with rca cables to the (amp factory harness connector)
  • Plugged the rca cables from the 70-7554 harness to the line out converter
  • The pink wire you (is the android units AMP con) which i bypassed and connected directly to the amp on wire (black/pink) wire on the factory harness
  • The ground wire for the android unit is screwed in to the metal brackets that holds the android unit
I was wondering if anyone can point me in the the right direction as to why there is no sound coming out. If i wired this wrong? or can i just splice the metra rca cables and connect it directly with the 8 speaker wires from the android unit? why can't the amp turn on if I have plugged in the amp con wire from the android unit to the amp on wire on the factory harness?

Hope this post gets to someone who has experience with this. Im running on one week without sound but i have steering controls, gps, android auto (by way of easy link)

Thanks for you time .
Technology Font Parallel Cable Plastic
Technology Font Parallel Cable Plastic
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