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I took my car to get an alignment today because i recently lowered it on a sprint two inch drop and just a few days ago i put new tires on. 1st proublem is my car want fit on the alignment lift, it rubs because its too low. The other prublem if it is one is i may not even need an alignment because he said my altima (94 GXE) has neither camber or caster? Only toe in. Im not fimilier with these terms at all. I mean i understand negitive and positive camber but thats about it.

Do i need an alignment and if so has anyone else had the proublem of it not fitting. Should i try a diffrent shop or are all lifts the same. My car feels like it needs it what should i do? Would it hurt anything if i put stock tires and wheels on to hopfully raise it enought to fit or do the tires i ride everyday need to be on to properly align.

Thanks GUys,
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