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I've just found this site, looking for info on the new Altima 02.

I had a 200 Alitma GXE, which I leased and it was recently in an accident and written off. That wasn't too bad, cos it gave me an excuse to go after the 2002 Altima.

Took it for a test drive last week (3.5SE, 5spd) and it was pretty zippy, I have to say. Really liked the kick at the bottom of second and at the top of third.

I also noticed that the gearbox handles things with surprising kick even when you're in the wrong gear. That's especially true, I found, in gears 3 or 4, and you know you should drop down to 2nd/3rd, but you can't be bothered. Most engines will complain and make you change down, but I found the 3.5 really responded well. Only other car I ever drove like that was an Audi A4 equivalent, back in the UK.

Anyway, I've put in a enquiry with They are a broker which guarantees you a better price than you could get on your own.

Does anyone have any experience with them? I absolutely hate the whole waste of time and stress having to deal with salemen who are difficult and sometimes dishonest.

Would it also be considered incorrect of me to ask what kind of deals people are getting around Ontario for their new 3.5SEs?

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