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Thank you in advance. When starting the car after a few hours or overnight, it is almost impossible to get it to fire up. even with it plugged in using the block heater. It has a brand new battery and only has 135,500km for a 2005. It cranks up fine however I would have keep the ignition on crank while pulsating the pedal. When it does fire up it sputters or hesitates, immediately have to hit the gas to get the revs up. If I shut it down after allowing it to run for a few moments and crank it up it like nothing happened, however it does sputter or hesitate for a brief second. Once the car fires up it runs perfectly fine without any codes or warnings. The rpms are just below 1000 at idle. I just did a oil change. it seems that it is not an electrical issue, more like no fuel or ignition however it does crank.

- Some history on the car is that the gas is old and moisture might be in the system? but fires and runs fine after it fires up.
- When placing the car to "on" position i hear the fuel pump engage.
- How can i test the fuel pressure?
- If it was a crank or camshaft sensor it should be throwing codes, correct?
- Can this issue stem from a bad ground?

I have been searching around and this seems to be a common issue. any help would be great!

Also where is the camshaft sensor and crank sensors located?

A video of the issue below...

TSB - #04111 NHTSA Reference
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