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Steer clear of Bill Bryan imports in winter park florida. They do a shoddy job on your car, then when things start going wrong they want more money to fix what they messed up. Like the clutch they put in wrong and it fryed the throwout bearing, theywant 500 dollars to pull out the transmission and replace it, after they did it in the first place!!!! BEWARE THE EVIL DEALERSHIP!!!!!! AND THEIR HORRENDOUS SERVICE DEPARTMENT!

This is their address incase you want to send some hate mail!
Bill Bryan Imports
1001 N Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL

im in the process of legal battle, wish me luck (radiator hoses in stalled wrong causing engine to overheat, clutch replaced backwards, cv joints improperly tightened causing cracking. Axle replaced wrong causing scratching on the divoted surface, engine mounts broken all of them, freeon not replaced and air conditioner run in the shop frying compressor, And this is the new KA24DE Engine i just had shipped that i payed 950 dollars for.)

Yeah.... so dont go there if you love your nissan.

Im moving this post to this forum sorry..
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