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2016 Nissan Altima
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Own a 2016 Altima and over the last couple weeks noticed spots on the driveway. finally traced it down to a leaking power steering pump.

for those that dont know, the pump itself is not your standard pulley type pump. its a separate unit that has its own motor

long story short, options were a new pump from the dealer (over $1500) or a used one (couple hundred but a chance itll leak again)

gave this repair kit a shot since im mechanically handy and happy to say its been dry and leak free for over 2 weeks. the longest part was disconnecting all the hoses and connectors carefully and removing it from the vehicle. actually rebuilding it was about 20 min and i took my time to make sure everything was clean.

Altima repair kit

the listing has instructions and the O-rings are made from viton which is supposedly better than the original stuff

make sure you use the correct nissan e-psf fluid. from my understanding, this is a different fluid than regular power steering atf fluid and is part of the apparently degrades the original orings

anyways, wanted to leave this here in case it helps someone save some $$$ instead of buying a new pump and frustration if they have a leaking pump
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