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Hey guys, I've searched and searched and read tons of good threads on modding ser's. That said I feel like we need an ultimate thread that end's all questions to the best of our ability.

So to be so presumptuous here we go!

I'm in the process of modding my own and I'll start it off.

Must have mods/

Air Intake- I prefer a CAI (cold air intake) and went with the weapon R cai.

NWP Spacers- Best 220 you'll spend. Keep engine cooler and adds 10 whp.

NWP Vias Block off plate- Again a great, great product from NWP. They say it only adds 1-2 whp but a separate dyno showed significant gains and it went punch for punch with an $800 intake manifold mod.

NWP Big Bore Throttle Body- Don't know many people who have this but with their track record I'm considering it a must have. 12 whp gains with gutted intake. (8 whp stock)

Racingline Y pipe- Great, no brainer add on and adds 13 whp and a slightly deep tone to your exhaust for about $250.

Racingline High Flow Pre Cats- Adds 8 whp but 14 lbs of torque.A bt it pricey at $525 but worth it IMO.


Headers- Usually found on E Bay, doesn't always match up bolt wise and takes a lot of time to install. Not sure on exact gains. Tends to throw codes on 06 and I think it's not compatible with Y pipe.

Pulleys- Decent adds but risky mod messing with timing chain from what I've heard.

Catback- Mixed thoughts. Not sure again on exact gains but the ser stock exhaust is pretty good as is. Magna flow is probably my favorite sounding exhaust.

Resonator delete- Probably the cheapest mod for the exhaust and super easy. Gains likely 4-5 whp but some say adds too much noise. Just removing crimp and replacing with straight pipes.

No Gos-

Lowering- Not for me. Springs and suspension are good as is.

Turbo- Forced induction may pack a punch but really wears out an engine quickly IMO if not done right.

Nitrous- Again a no go for me. Not good on the engine either.

Ok that's about all that comes to my still somewhat NOOBish mind. Please add your own and the more details the better. Love this car and want to make the most of my experience.

A few questions;

Can you do headers and racingline HFPC?

Average gains on headers?

Any good mods I'm missing?


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Oh and a few honorable mentions-

Methanol Injection- Will probably get a set up soon, not sure on gains.

Strut Bar- Racing line offers one for $80 bucks. Better handling and really a no brainer for people who drive like me.

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More I forgot-

Must haves-

Racingline traction rods- Helps handling and cornering.

Grounding Kit- Electrical system greatly benefits.

Motor mounts-Helps stabilize everything, even benefits transmission and power.


Kintex Racing SSV Intake Manifold- Expensive but ads 14 hp and 16 torque. Plus it looks sweet.

Racingline Rear Sway bar- The SE R already comes stock with a famed great sawy bar but this is up to 75% stiffer.

Braile Battery

Trans Cooler- Better safe than sorry, all these mods take a toll on your tranny.

Transgo Kit- Again for your tarnny's sake and better performance, probably should at least consider this.

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Congratulations on being excited and it's great to see some fresh energy for this platform. A lot of us "more seasoned" are tired from working on our cars. ROTFL! :laugh

Not to curb your enthusiasm at all, but...

What's your end game with this thread? A full list of all the mods available for this platform? Just trying to understand your goal.
@4DZC - Lawrence, would this thread be best relocated somewhere in the Alti SE-R section?

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Yes Ben, it needs to be moved

OP, there wont be an "ultimate thread" created for need to. the info is already available, just gotta search.
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