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Unfortunately, my SE didn't have either the HIDs, splash guards or in-cabin air filter. I corrected the problem of not having the HIDs with the Catz conversion (really sweet), have had the splash guards on order since late october (they tell me they will be in sometime in January) and just put in the cabin air filter.

When you get the part, don't read the instructions. They have you taking the entire right side of the dash off. Just as the instructions for the headlight adjustment tell you to take the front bumber and headlight assembly off, I think they do this so thay can charge a small fortune at the service department to do these things.

So, to put in or change the in-cabin air filter do this:

1 take everything out of the glove box
2 on the bottom of the box on the corners you will see two little plastic clips which you can actually move back and forth along the axis of the car (front to back). Move the long part of the clip facing down and just pull the left clip towards the right side of the car and the right clip towards the left side of the car.
3 Now the box is just hanging. There is a elastic string attached to the back, top left side of the box. Take a screw driver and just push the round pin towards the larger hold and it pops right out.
4 Pull out the box at an angle. You will notice that the sides of the box have "male" pins about 7/16" in diameter and they fit into a guide slit on both sides of the dash assembly. Remember this for the reinstall

5 Looking inside you will see a little door with two attachment points on the bottom. Just push down on these and the compartment door opens allowing installation of the filter

6 Install the filter in the correct postition. You sill note an arrow that points to the up position. For those of you who think I am getting a little detailed, remember a lot of people are challanged by things associated with cars.

7 After you put in the filter just put the cover door back and press on the clips.

8 Now the fun part. I suggest putting the glove box aligned with the left bracket and insert the left pin first. After the left pin is in, search around for the cord (it is on a retractor so it may be hard to find) and then install it into the hole on the left side of the box. It only goes in one way and the part facing the front of the car has a little dimple to align up.

9 After the retractor is attached, close the glove box, stick you head under the glove box and insert the right side pin.

10 Put everything back into the glove box and enjoy the clean fresh smell of filtered air.

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nice. pretty much the same way for maximas.
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