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If it leaks, just replace the spare tire. People who are more sensitive to the nails in the car can easily find out that the nails in the car are like wearing "high heels", and you will find a regular "da-da-da-da" sound. If it's a larger peg, you can feel the regular vibration even with your foot lightly placed on the brake. I have completed the process of installing the tires according to the online tutorial, and I also purchased the anti-theft screws for this.I found an US online shop that looks like a good price. Genuine Nissan Wheel Locks

If you drive a car, ride a bike, or even operate machines that use tires, you will get a puncture at some point.Below are a few tips on how you can avoid having a punctured tyre:

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How to protect tires from being stolen or punctured?

1.Be careful when you drive.

2.Choose the right tyres.

3.Check your tire pressures or tread often.

4.Add sealant to your tubes.

5.Do not Overload your Vehicle

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