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I'm trying to get all repairs done on my 03 2.5 before the bumper to bumper is up. So far ive had the side mirror replaced (didnt work), carpet replaced (had a small rip) and the trunk latch replaced ( bent and didnt latch properly).
ANyway, Im going to call the dealer again to have them look at two more things, just wondering if anyone has had the same problems.
1) Feels like the steering column has a distinct forward and reverse shake/movement when I am braking and hit a bump at the same time. It happens all the time going down my road which is downhill. We have some bumps going down the hill and when i step on the brakes before hitting it the whole column seems to move forward toward the front of the car and then back again when i do hit it.
2) THe tranny seems to shift TOO soon while cruising. I will be going down the road right about 40mph or just under and the car will shift into 4th. You can hear the engine droaning and it you need to go up hill you really need to step on the gas to downshit. Its just annoying because of the droan and lack of power because of what seems to be an early shift or something.

Anyone have either or both of these problems.
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