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Whats up fellas....

I emailed one of the online sites regarding prices on Stinger Wires. Out of curiousity I included in my email if they (the store) would be interested in a group buy deal for Stinger Wires fr the purpose of cheaper wires for us.

I will in no way gain profit from this, rather save some money on some good wires. If a couple of people are willing email me at [email protected].

Their rate for 0 gauge Stinger Custom Pro Power Wire is $2.55/ft.
In red, black and blue I believe. SOme colors are more expensive than others. For 4 gauge power wire, red and black is about $ 0.99/ft. and blue, yellow, silver go as high up as $1.22

If no one is interested, I would go ahead and order my wires on Tuesday.

This thread is only to generate interest. If enough people (the longer the wires we order) the better the deal. And I will repost this in the GB section.

This is her reply email to me:
Sorry for the delayed response, usually we are much faster but we sponsered a competion over the weekend and it was maddness here:) I will be glad to make you guys deals. We have all kinds of products. Let me know the total amount of feet you will need and I can see what I can do. the more you get the cheaper it gets.
Let me know,
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TL said:
those are good prices.. they are right on par with Bag-Boy on ebay, which is the best I had seen till now.. she beats them on the 0 guage by a dime too..
the saleslady im getting the wires from also sells them at ebay, Instead of bidding, she recommended that I email her what wires and accessories I want and she can give me a better price compared to the ones posted in ebay, even their own auctions, because they avoid paying ebay fees. And I can pay through paypal.
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