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I choose you Pickachu!
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If you live in the LA/Orange County area...have you ever seen a black 02 Alty with the grill missing and replaced with some home made wire?

I saw this guy last Thursday and I forgot to ask him a question about his car...

He drove up to the In-n-Out Burger at Tustin Mktplc. and I thought that he had a 2.5 because he had the hubcaps on. But lo and behold! The car turns and I see dual exhausts!

So my question is, if you know this guy, is the car a 4 banger or the V6?

If it's the 2.5, why the dual exhausts? Looks or just had too much time...

I was led to believe that it was the 2.5 by the way his friend reacted to my answers to his questions.

He asked me about my rims, exhaust, springs, and rims...i let him know that I had the Injen CAI too...ha!...and if mine was a manual tranny...

It was funny the way he bagged on his friend with the Alty telling him "Man, that guy just pissed on your face!" after I told him what I had done to the car...

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