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Should I stick with the automatic setup, or do a manual tranny conversion when I do my engine swap?

hands free operation
great in bumper to bumper traffic
no need for extra parts (pedal box, etc)
will cost $3000 from Level 10 to withstand high HP levels

faster acceleration
higher top speed
easier to maintain and/or repair
requires additional parts (pedal box, etc)
cost is less than Level 10's price tag for high HP level output

I've gotten most of the costs down for the swap (SR20DE or DET, CV Joints, electrical crap, even forced induction options), but this is where the project's outcome hits a slight snag. To be honest, I haven't done my research on the manual tranny from an SR20DE(T), but maybe you guys can help me out a bit. Can you get me costs and related info pertaining to the tranny for this particular engine? I also need a reliable and inexpensive source to pull the tranny from.

Thanks in advance.

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the b15 tranny would be the way to go. the auto tranny in the bluebird isn't very well equiped for much more power than the stock 205

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From my experience, I have found that most people either love driving stick every day or they don't. Personally I love it and I have no problem driving a stick car everywhere, but there are many that don't feel the same way. It's all about whether you will enjoy it.
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