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Ok... I'm confused.

Nissan's web site says an for the 3.5SE option is the ATC/Air Conditioning
"Air conditioning is standard equipment on the 2.5 S, 2.5 SL, and 3.5 SE. On the 3.5 SE, you can also opt for automatic temperature control (ATC). Simply set your ideal temperature, and the system works continuously to maintain it — automatically adjusting fan speed, the level of heat or air conditioning, and which vents the air is directed through"

Yet, there is no place to specify this option when "designing" a car on their web site.

My dealer didn't ask me about it, either. (my car is on order)

Can somebody please clarify for me?


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If you get either leather package the ATC is part of the deal...Otherwise you getthe manual controls which are not that bad; especially if you have ever had them malfunction.....Just like if you get the Xenon headlights you have to get the sunroof and the rear spoiler or the Bose cd changer....Go figure... I had to buy a ****ing $400 spoiler I didn't even want JUST to get a sunroof... I tried to get the car with the spoiler uninstalled and the dealer couldn't find one in the US....So I got mine with the cloth interior and ordered the leather kit and sunroof and spoiler and I am tempted as hell to remove the spoiler if I can find a body shop that can patcn the holes and paint it like new....Or I will leave the damn thing there and run the risk of someone breaking or stealing it...

I am also in process of removing and replacing the radio with an aftermarket Blaupunkt hu and indash changer.... I am not a real big Bose fan and couldn't see paying $900 for the privilege of having a cd changer....Especially when the previous Altima indash changers are available for under 150 all over ebay....
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