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P-Fuzzy if ya nasty
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Re: No Luther

NissanLunatic said:
You are right, if she was about 4 yrs older, so I don't get locked up, that's right, I ain't afraid to say it, but damn, Mark, you have to admit she looks VERY MUCH like Britney S., and I mean, very very very close...
Which is cool, just the age is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too scary...
Wish I was 16 again..
Mark, take advantage man, take advantage..
she tells me she thinks of me as her brother cause ive known her 4 ever, fuck! when did this happen!!! shes gotta pic of herr and a pic of brittney spears, shit is freaky. sure yall make fun of me 4 bein young and nw you wannwa be 16
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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