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Excellent dealership! Got the exact car I wanted, a good value for my trade, and a good price on the vehicle.

On the down side, customer follow-up was poor. I'll attribute that to the fact that the Internet Liason left the dealership (after 17 yrs there, she was offered more money elsewhere).

Bill Collins Nissan is STELLAR in my book, even though they couldn't get my car for me. Their Internet guy looked all through the list of what's going to where and when, but couldn't find what I wanted. He was willing to have me order a 6 speed Max, but I figured I'd hang out for a bit and see what came in. Apparently, the reason he couldn't locate the car I got across the river was that it hadn't been shipped when I was looking at Collins. Anyway, he and the sales rep were both cool about the fact that I was going to buy the car elsewhere.

Collins is good for service, too. that's where I do my service on my Alty. Their tech reps seem like they know what's going on. If you live in the louisville area, I would highly recommend either of these two dealerships.

There are 2 others... Byerly and Neil Huffman. Byerly was pleasant, but didn't seem too eager to help me find what I wanted. Neil Huffman, well, There Nissan staff was great as far as product knowledge, but I"ve had some questionable experiences at their Mazda dealership and therefore won't buy from them.

Down side ... still waiting for the arrival of my replacement clutch pedal. (that won't squeak or drag)
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