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Hi all! I leased my Sentra just over 6 months ago. Probably 4 or 5 times over the past few months, my drivers front speaker has randomly been quieter than the rest of the car, or not working at all. If I turned the car off and back on, it fixed itself. I didn’t bring it to the dealer because I couldn’t replicate the issue for them.

Yesterday I started the car up and this terrible crackling sound came out of that speaker, worse every time the bass hit. I never turn the volume up very high and don’t usually listen to songs with a ton of bass. My music habits coupled with the intermittent issues makes me think the speaker or a part in it is defective.

Is this type of thing covered under the basic warranty? I’ve never owned a car that was still under warranty so I’m unfamiliar with what’s covered.

Second question... if the car is there for a while, is a rental car covered? I have an agreement through the dealership I leased from about rental cars, however I had an awful experience there and now take the car to a different dealer for service. I don’t expect them to honor my agreement with the other dealer, I’m wondering if it’s something Nissan generally covers anyway.

Thanks everyone!
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