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but the b/o/t/i is the 8th and 9th of sept and i was woundering if peeps was going. i have to flyer right in front of me and it looks like its going to be BIG. but its in petersburg VA. if anybody needs info or is going, hit me up. latas. . .

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I need Directions

I'm located in Norfolk right off of Hampton Blvd on Little Creek. Can you please send me Directions to this event.

EMAIL : [email protected]
[email protected]

97 Nissan Altima
54000 miles (runs like its new Low miles)
Just put an OBX Mufler on it (Deep tone and Pretty Loud
Added an OBX (blue) Intake on it yesterday
Next might be some Pullys (what do they do for the car?)
Email with some info on the Different things that I can do to my engine.
I want to turn it into a show/fast/bass dropping car.
I need some tail lights.
Email me [email protected]:confused:
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