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Hey guys,

I was selling some stereo components in our local Canadian forum and found out that "Drunkmunky" was reposting my sale thread using my pics & descriptions in another local car forum (Accord forum to be exact) as if it was his own sale thread but jacking up the prices 2-3 times more.

I would have had no problem with this if he was reselling something that was already purchased from me....Unfortunately, he had not purchased these items from me or even showed any slightest interest! All he was attempting to do was pull a fast one to make a quick buck :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: His down fall came when I happen to be see my own pictures in the Accord forum as he attempted to pull this scam. I guess he didn't realize that I am an activie member on the accord forum too;)

Please refer to this thread for more info & proof:

I think we generally have a good core of local Toronto memebrs that help and respect each other but this was an exception as Billy (aka Drunkmunky) displayed his true character.

If he is capable of trying to pull a stunt like this, who knows what else he is caspable of doing at other people's expense. It's obvious that he is just in it for himself. I would recommend you all to avoid dealing with him at all cost.

Thanks for listening.


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just to add: Billy (aka Drunkmunky) is on his 3rd screen name. The first one I can't remember for sure what it was but it was something like azzn_scratch. The second one was MachoMachoMan. Both have been banned for different reasons.

also, while under the s/n MachoMachoMan, he tried to sell me stolen wheels, which I didn't know at first, but when it got down to it, he told be someone else had dibs on the rims I wanted. He proceeded to tell me they were stolen and that if I really wanted to get a set, to tell him where to find a car with the rims I wanted.

With that aside, I fully agree with Racing Gear and would like to say that I would feel cheated and taken advantage of if this were to happen to me.
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