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Anyone need a subwoofer for their car?

I have a brand new sealed, TS-W28C 10" Pioneer subwoofer. I just got a new one from bestbuy, and it is still covered under the 4 year warrenty, w/ just under 3 years left on the warrenty. For example, if Best Buy does not have this product in stock (which they probalby won't), when it blows or breaks within the next 3 years, then they will credit you the amount that I paid (69.99) and you can upgrade to any other subwoofer that you might like. The warrenty will come with the speaker.

I am asking 35 for this brand new subwoofer, plus the actual shipping.

If you live in the los angeles area, I will also throw in a bandpass sub box, for 15 additonal dollars. This box is perfect for the one 10" pioneer sub, and we would do a local drop off/pickup. Sorry, the box is too much trouble to ship.

Thanks guys.

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