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Applications: 2002 to 2005 Nissan Altima
Engine size: 2.5 & 3.5

Guys this is the exact same shifter sold by Nismo, Stillen,Mossy, and Nissan Motorsports but cheaper through HPautosports!!!!!! :)
Price:This is the best part!!!! only a buck fity ($150) shipped to your doorstep!!! however if you tell them your a member of "" and you saw this post you'll get it for $130!!!!!! thats brand new and shipped to your doorstep!!!!! I bought mine a week ago!!! its pimp as hell!!!

Two of my boys drove my car and loved it so i called the company back and talked to the owner and asked him if i purchase a couple more for my friends whats the price and we wheeled and dealed to this price!!!

$130 Brand New Short Shifter for OUR ALTIMAS shipped to our doorstep!!!

Call Them at (480) 216-5855
just tell them your a member from and would like to order the Short Shifter for your Altima....don't forget to tell them about being a member otherwise you'll pay more!!!!! enjoy guys!!!!


Key Features:

-46% reduction in front and back throw

-Manufactured from aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum vs standard 6061-T6 aluminum

-High quality 6mm Rod Ends with a load of 1640lbs

-Simple to install with basic tools (30 minutes)

-NOTE: There are a few '04 models with '03 shifter housing and cable.

To check which you have, check the post diameter welded to the shifter lever. This is where the cable attaches to the shift lever. You can remove the cable and measure the post. If the post measures 9mm (.354") it is before the build date of 10/'03. If the post measures 8mm (.315") it is after the build date of 10/'03.
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