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Cam timing No injector pulse

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Newby here so plz bare with me.
I have a 2009 Nissan Maxima with the V6. It cranks but wont start. I'm getting spark. It will start on starting fluid. Using a noid light, I do not get a pulse at the injectors. With a MK808 scanner, I was checking live data. The intake cams both said about 39°CA, but the exhaust cams had different readings. Bank 1 read 63.5°CA and Bank 2 read -20°CA. That's 83.5° difference. Is that correct? Or should they read the same? I tried shuffling the sensors around but it made no difference. I'm assuming that means that the sensors are good.

What else controls the injector pulse besides the cam sensors?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Crank sensor. Engine needs both to set up injection timing.

Did somebody mess with cam timings? Where is your variable cam timing, if on exhaust that may be why the numbers are off. Engine starts up and they then adjust the same.
No one has messed with cam timing. I believe only the intake cams have a phaser on the end. I'm cranking long enough to build oil pressure and fill the phasers with oil if needed. I'm going to put a new crank sensor in it tonight and see what happens. I'm still concerned with the timing measurements being 80° off from each other. I'm also going to check wiring between sensor and the ECM also.

Thx for your quick response.
If no phasers on exhaust then likely something jumped time. Yank covers and set up number 1 cylinder in a marked spot and then observe exhaust cam position, then do the same for number 2 opposite side and observe that exhaust too, they should be the relative same as 1. If the timing is off that far they will not be nearly the same. IIRC at TDC most engines have the cam lobe tips of THAT cylinder pointing toward each other pretty much.

You may get some oil to phasers cranking but likely not all, there is typically a one way check in between pump and phasers to stop backflow of oil from head, it has to have full pressure to override fully.
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