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Can I change Car speakers with any watt?

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2014 SV, GCC, made by Mexico,
I want to know can I upgrade 4 door speakers for 300 W? and need to add rear 9*6 extra 2 speakers , but not changing Audio system ( FM head),
And do I need to add amplifier for extra rear 2 speakers, ( that 9*6 speakers not inbuilt, but Thay left space for them)

Thank you.
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Can you plug something needing 220 volts into a 110 volt outlet to have it work? The answer is no of course. You have to have enough amp to drive higher watt speakers, if not they will only put out very low sound. Why you have to have the amplifier. And then you can launch into alternator supply issues if truly needing the amp.

Your present system covers so many amp output (there is a formula to convert amp to watt) and you have to upgrade the output if the speakers you want overpower that supplied amp.
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