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Can someone post the sequence to run the "self diagnostic" (check engine light is on)

Can someone post the sequence to run the "self diagnostic"? Check engine light came on during lunch. I tried doing a search but i'm not completely sure if it's the same as resetting the ECU. Need to get the "blinks" to see what's up.

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Im not sure if this is what you need.

If you turn your key all the way back and all the way forward 3times. It should give you some basic codes for the problem.

Hope that helps

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AltimaVixen said:
know what?, I muddled through that very paragraph.
Guess I missed the particular sentence about the blinks.
I just saw "RESET"... Thanks!

no problem... i forgot I posted it until I saw in in another thread while searching that I wasn't going to post the blink seq again...
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