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Can you put a turbo in a stock 95 Alty? And if you can't what mods would you have to do to make it possible to put it in.???

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I think fmax makes a bolt on turbo for the 1st gen Alty. I forgot their website. Info is below. They start at 3999.00
91-98 200 SX, SE-R w/ SR20DE Starting at $ 3999.00
95-98 240 SX w/ KA24DE Starting at $ 3999.00
92-97.5 Altima KA24DE Starting at $ 3999.00

Nissan Turbo Systems are Equipped with:
Stage I:
High-Carbon Cast-Steel Turbo Manifold:

1 year warranty against cracking

Available in thermocoated finish
Closed-Loop Mandrel Bent Downpipe:

Slip-notched closed-loop wastegate design eliminates cracking

Bolts onto factory catalytic converter

16 gauge mild steel (thermal barrier available)

Flex pipe standard for some applications
Intercooler Piping:

2" and 2.5" 16 gauge mandrel bent mild steel

Finish color matched to application
Intake Pipe:

3" 16 gauge mandrel bent mild steel

Maintains crank case ventilation in closed-loop operation
T3/T4E Hybrid Turbocharger:

A/R and compressor wheel profiles can be custom made to fit order

A Turbonetics T3\T4 is standard unless otherwise noted
Tial External Wastegate


Intercooler core with 99% charge-side efficiency comes standard
Air Filter:

A High Flow Air Filtercharger comes standard
HKS Racing Bypass Valve:

Completely discharges excess boost pressure to eliminate compressor surge
Nissan 370CC Fuel Injectors:

4 New primary fuel injectors that drop into place without major modifications

Ball Bearing Upgrade

MSD 756CC (72 LB/HR) Primary Fuel Injectors
New Turbine Housing with Larger A/R

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F-max does make a turbo for the Alty. I think it runs about 4k plus install. Cthunder I believe has one so does SHAWN if I'm not mistake ask them about it. I know you'll need new cams and rods from a place like JWT if you get it.

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4K+ = correct...
cthunder yes he has one...but his is a full build...
SHAWN is all motor...
ECU is from JWT...
Rods, Pistons can be from anywhere as there are lots of companies who make them for our engine...
cams and gears are JWT...
but you can safely run up to 8lbs of boost on the stock internals as a daily driver...

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Actually yeah it does belong in the Turbo/NoS forum. Unless you can explain why it wouldn't?

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Alex M said:
let me rephrase.....a question like this does not deserve to be in the forum

damn newqb better be lucky he did'nt get flamed up and down for asking something he could of searched for.

searching is your friend!!
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