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I want to try to reset the ecu before I take my car to the shop. I had a check engine for about a month or so and now it won't start up. I changed the plugs and I put in a new battery to see if this was the cause of the no start, but I get nothing just a very slow crank. I've read the tips of how to reset but in says to turn on the car to do the procedure. Maybe this will all started last week when I got home from work and I turned the engine off but I was listening to the radio. I went to lower the window and the radio cut off. I thought nothing of it but then I tried it again and sure enough it happened a second time. I went to start her and NOTHING just a clicking sound. I automatically assumed the battery and gave it a jump and she started right up. The next morning she doesnt start just a slow crank. I bought the battery thinking it was the prob but nothing.
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