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Some years back the engine was replaced. I had been using RESTORE on the earlier engine and ruined the oxygen sensors and probably both catalytic converters. The silicone coated and hardened on the sensor gas intake slots and probably whatever was inside. The front pre-catalytic converter was replaced with the engine and I later replaced the rear with an aftermarket non-Nissan catalytic converter. I imagine RESTORE reduced the functionality of both converters. Problem with the aftermarket was the oxygen sensor was angled down and looked wrong. Lasted a good many years like that though.

Recently I scraped bottom on a driveway and slightly bent the rear oxygen sensor due to its down angle. I just put in a push button code reveal/reset button.

I knew the sensor was wrong as there was a code 77 appearing after driving to town.

This afternoon I got under the car and inspected. No wire broken but the sensor was bent up and dented at the end. I gave a quick try with squeezing out the dent, cleared the code, drove to town testing. Got the code again.

So, I'm going to buy a new rear oxygen sensor.

I want to address the sensor angle. Is the catalytic converter constructed such that if I reform the converter, say a properly threaded, metric thread pipe into the sensor hole and then bending the metal so the sensor would now be angled the way a genuine Nissan catalytic converter is, will the converter be damaged? Is there delicate material inside that might crumble or get damaged? (Picturing a carbon filter.) If so I'll just replace the way it was but otherwise I want to correct the angle.

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