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Changed head gasket car ran for 2hrs now won’t start

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Ok wassup guys I have a 2006 Altima 2.5 I recently replaced my head gasket because I started to notice coolant in cylinder 2 coil no biggie....sent head off to get machined, replaced gasket cool everything went flawless car started right up let it idle for about an hour then I drove it maybe 8-10miles checked oil and coolant everything was perfect so at this point I’m walking on air cause this is my first head gasket replacement and I did it myself pats back and way I got inside eat take a shower even got a nap in....go out to the car later and now this mf doesn’t wanna start just cranks cranks cranks no let me rewind this a little bit after I started the car for the first time it threw a code for the camshaft position sensor and the coolant temp sensor....I was wonder why my engine fans came on at full tilt before I even started the car so I proceed to clearing the code and the car was still running with no problems as I fast forward I’m sifting thru the forum everybody is Hollerith replace the cam and crank sensor with Nissan OEM ok cool I did that and even replace my coolant temp sensor and guess who car still didn’t start...if you said me go get a cookie but yeah I’m at a complete loss here guys I checked spark and it’s there and I know I have fuel cause I can smell it with every key turn and I put a brand new air filter in it as well and o2 sensors and the fuses for them are good and I never had a MAF issue....any help will be appreciated 😭😭
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