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2018 Nissan Altima Sr Midnight 2.5, Only Mod - K&N CAi
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Heyyyy I’m new to this community I’ve had my 2018 Nissan Altima sr midnight with 83000miles, for about a year now & im starting to modify it slowly, I’ve done tons of research & watched YouTube videos on multiple topics about different mods I could do.
-So I decided to start by installing a k&n cold air intake a week ago. It was all good, great gas mileage 35mpg-highway & 30mpg-city, plus the cool engine sound @ 2500rpm-3500rpm slight increase in torque for sure! I’m satisfied butttt I start my car this morning, everything was just fine & dandy for a hour. Until I stop at a store, turn the car off..I come back out & crank it up to leave the store…. then my check engine light, traction control, & front end collision lights came on at the same time & my car lost all acceleration power, literally I drove to the nearest auto zone immediately & the obd scanner said it’s related to the battery & ecm. I’ll upload pictures immediately, Please help a fallen comrade out. Any more information you guys & gals may need, just ask. I’ll be monitoring this thread like my life depends on it! Thanks
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