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Chii Racing Culture

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Welcome to the Chii Racing Culture thread!

Its time to get pumped in teh Chicago area because the season is about to kick off annnnd let me tell you it is going to be one HELL of a year!

Cruises and meets will be starting up shortly so do not worry! And expect some biiiiig horsepower to be on hand every week (quite a few 1000+hp supras and evos).

What Chii Racing is all about.....
Chii Racing culture is all about making the scene as big as it can be. Being the biggest and baddest out there that there can possibly be while at the same time bringing in a welcoming environment for all car types from muscles to imports to exotics and beyond. Chii is going to be tearing down the barriers that have long fed some brutal rivalries both on the track and on the street.

So if you are in the chicago area and feel like going for a cruise, then post up and we will make something happen!
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Pics of who we cruise with:

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im down. seems like almost all of them are FI. idk if ill keep up. lol. post when your going on a cruise.

Well its a cruise, not a speed competition. So dont worry about whether youll be able to keep up or not.

Possible meet tonight.
no meet tonight due to a majority of the guys finishing up their builds for the season.


Sound Performance Spring Dyno day is approaching!

We are looking at sometime around late April there will be the big kickoff to the start of the racing season so come one and come all! Im sure there will be quite a few people pushing over 800 on the rollers that day. Further details will follow!

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Did anyone else get the car out and enjoy the roads?
^ about the dyno days, anymore information?
i wish there were any people here
the info on the dyno day is still kinda sketchy. i should have the final intel by the end of this week/beginning of next week. i still have to talk to the guys at SP about it. Plan on it being about 50 to 60 bucks for 2 dyno runs. Thats their normal charge for us whenever we drop in.
Sounds good, subscribed for the date, time, and place.
1) Hooters in Downers Grove


Hooters in Downers Grove (right off Butterfield Rd & Highland Ave (355 Highway)

1303 Butterfield Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
When: 7PM

Agenda: hang out talk about CHI2K9 & HIN
Post up for attendance[/B]
when will be the meet at hooters? im down.

SP just built the sickest Z...and working on a G Sedan ( it'll push over 900whp ) they are a sponsor for the local club im in (CHICAGOZ)

April 25th is the kickoff. $50 for 2 dyno pulls iirc.

Sorry i didnt go to the meet last night i had other things planned.
SP built a really sick Z actually....1150 at the wheels on the stock trans. Riiiiidiculous.

p.s. is anyone else having trouble with this site? everytime i come on here i have to wait 30 seconds for the page to appear. internet connection shouldnt be a problem since i have cable.
nope. 1248rwhp

YouTube - SP 350z Build Video

and +1 on the loading. i guess the servers cant take that much traffic. this site gets A LOT of traffic
is this going on at the bensenville location?
is this going on at the bensenville location?
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