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If you wash your car regularly then the problem may be that the plastic lens of the headlight has “yellowed” and become dingy. The haze is on the outside of the headlight and can easily be removed by any number of methods, from do it yourself toothpaste, to commercial products. Today I share a sample mothed:You might not have thought that something you use to clean your teeth every morning can be used to shine your car’s headlights.
Step1: Use regular car washing soap to clean your headlights thoroughly.
Step2: Areas around the headlights should be covered with masking tape.
Step3 :Add a little toothpaste to a damp cleaning cloth. Rub each headlight firmly and gradually add the toothpaste and small amounts of water.
Step4 : Use clean water to rinse the headlights and let them air dry.
More details: Clean Foggy Headlight For Car
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