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Good day, and thank you ahead of time for your time and effort!

THE PATIENT: Altima, S, 2006, 2.5L
THE PROBLEM: The car sometimes has a stuttering start-up. Check engine light on. P0420 CODE. Temp after CAT. is significantly lower than the temp before the CAT.
WHAT HAS BEEN DONE: I replaced spark plugs and changed the position of coil packs. Nothing changed. I didn't change the O2 sensors as I wanted to ask here before I did that.
THE QUESTION: Is this problem all in the CAT.?
FOLLOW UP: If it is, what are some tips for DIY removal, installation, and making sure I have the right one (fit, Utah emissions, etc.) with decent quality for a 200k mil car? How big of a deal is it if I don't get new O2 sensors at this time if I do need to replace the CAT.?

Again, thank you ahead of time!

I have attached some OBD scans that I did that might help.


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